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THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME — Healing Through Psychedelics with Dr. Charles Grob and Namir Khaliq

The Trip of a LifetimeDr. Charles Grob and Namir Khaliq
00:00 / 08:46

Between 2004 and 2008, a clinical trial was conducted at the Harbor-UCLA medical center to test a novel treatment for patients suffering from terminal cancer diagnoses. The goal of the study was not to treat the patients' cancer, but to alleviate their fear of death. Listen as Dr. Charles Grob discusses the outcomes of that research with Protostellar Media founder Namir Khaliq.

CHAOS — Chaos Theory and the Three-Body Problem with Professor Tim Palmer and Jonathan Halperin

CHAOSProfessor Tim Palmer and Jonathan Halperin
00:00 / 10:37

The world used to seem like a predictable place. The laws of science promised that nothing was uncertain. But six decades ago a small contingent of scientists made a discovery that turned our picture of the universe on its head. Listen to a conversation between physicist Timothy Palmer and filmmaker Jonathan Halperin about how chaos theory could be the secret to saving our planet from the next great catastrophe.

THE VORTEX — History's Deadliest Storm with Scott Carney, Jason Miklian, and Nuhash Humayun

The VortexScott Carney, Jason Miklian, and Nuhash Humayun
00:00 / 19:57

In November 1970, the deadliest storm in history slammed into East Pakistan, killing 500,000 people overnight. The cyclone's aftermath quickly tipped Pakistan into mayhem, tearing apart the fragile country, bringing Richard Nixon to the edge of launching nuclear weapons, and setting the stage for the 20th century's greatest international showdown. Hear how this untold story serves as a warning for the chaotic climate-driven future that may be in store for our world.

THE PROGRAM — The Ethics of Living Longer with Andrew Steele, Galia Barkol, and Tim Maupin

The ProgramAndrew Steele, Galia Barkol, and Tim Maupin
00:00 / 14:18

One of the most frequent questions facing those advocating for anti-aging and longevity research is 'won't longer lives lead to overpopulation?'. Physicist and science communicator Andrew Steele came up with a thought experiment to answer that question: if aging never existed in the world, would we invent it to solve overpopulation? Listen in as Andrew chats with two of the world's leading longevity filmmakers about telling stories for a brighter future.

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