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Science has made breathtaking progress in describing who we are and how we got here. But that progress has also come with a widening gap between what we as a species know about ourselves and our universe, and the rate at which our most inspiring ideas make their way into the hearts and minds of individual humans. 

Protostellar is a media production company designed to close that gap. We help scientists, futurists, academics, philosophers, and every other type of 'big-thinker' use their ideas as the foundations for storytelling. We do this by developing film, TV, documentary, audio projects, and magazine articles from books, research papers, and other forms of intellectual property created by these folks. We also provide a foundation for scientists to establish themselves as an integral part of the media industry's creative processes — not just to advise on how spaceships and time-machines should work, but to help come up with the actual stories. Stories that tell us a little something about the nature of reality.


We've found that there is no lack of creative talent among the world's greatest minds. Whether it's renowned philosopher Nick Bostrom chewing over the ethics of life extension through a fantasy about a tyrannical dragon, or biologist E.O Wilson arguing for the benefits of social cooperation through a fable inside an ant colony, or physicist Fred Hoyle exploring the possibility of alien contact in his dramatic sci-fi novel, for decades scientists have been infusing their biggest ideas into compelling stories made for everyone.

These are stories that have been largely ignored by Hollywood's voracious consumption of intellectual property, nostalgia titles, and popular brands. Someone would have to dive into the science and think about how to adapt it. This is the process for which Protostellar Media has been built. We specialize in knowing how to infuse inspiring ideas into the stories that Hollywood and other sectors of the media industry tell the world. If we succeed, we hope it might help humanity get to wherever it's going just a little faster.

Protostellar Media was founded in 2021 by Namir Khaliq.

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